Egg Vs. Chicken

Egg Vs. Chicken

Help eggs in this fight against chickens and enjoy this challenge
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Konami Digital

Enjoy this fight and challenging adventure helping eggs to keep safe from the chickens. Chickens will destroy the eggs if they reach your area. You must place more than three eggs of identical color in one of the borders of your area in order to shoot the chickens walking to your direction. You can move your eggs vertically or horizontally to place them where you want. When a chicken is walking straight to you, you must place three or more eggs in that border of your area and click them to shoot and destroy the chicken. This game has different levels, to complete a level you must kill all the chickens that appear. Each level of this game will increase the number of chickens, the chickens have different height and military positions, some are not easy to kill, you must shoot them several times. Every time you kill an enemy, some eggs will appear in the surrounding area, you must collect them and place them inside of your basket to keep shooting chickens. This funny game is very easy to play, all you need to use is your mouse. Move your mouse and press the left mouse button to place and shoot the eggs.

Birgilio Rivera
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